Shug-spicy green seasoning

The recipe for the famous Yemeni adjika, which is easier to prepare than ever. Excellent spicy seasoning for any dish. Especially for grilled meat.

Shug is a Yemeni adjika, which is prepared on the basis of fresh, spicy, green pepper with the addition of coriander, garlic, spices, olive oil and lemon juice. All this is simply ground in a mortar or ground into a pulp in a blender and added to various dishes and sandwiches.

In Israel, shug is very loved and popular, although there are other types of spicy spices: Harisa (Tunisian seasoning from dry red pepper of the Shata variety) and Pilpel chuma (seasoning from Libyan spicy pepper).

Shug can be different. Sometimes sharper, sometimes less. In winter, for example, green pepper is less spicy than in summer, so the soup will be less spicy. Also, you can vary the proportions of greens and peppers. If you add more greens and less pepper, it will not be very sharp and greener. Sometimes tomatoes are added, they acquire a brown, slightly sweet shade. You can also add more lemon and oil to make the seasoning more liquid and lighter. Sometimes oil is not added at all, but a few drops of water. This is all a matter of taste and personal preferences.

In general, everything is very simple and amazingly delicious. This is a great addition to any dish. Write down the recipe.